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THE 36 BEST EPs OF 2022

Here is part two of our end of the year lists. We present you the 36 best EPs of 2022 !!! (That we know of, obviously.) If you know what we do, you know why this list is special, and why you should really support and follow these artists. Because they are amazing musicians and deserve recognition, but also because in this hetero-cis-male dominated scene, diversity matters.  Enjoy! ------- Axe Rash - Contemporary Ass Bad Skin - Heartbreak Tour Boybrain - In The Company of Worms Carpark - The World Ended in 2012 Cluttered - Transgender Dysphoria Blues Concrete Ties - Unrecognizable Destiny Bond - Promo 2022


Last year we gave you our list of the " 30 Best Albums of 2021 ". This year we dug deeper and made sure we included as many records as possible. So we present you, the  90 best albums of 2022  (that we know of!). All of them including women, queers, bipoc, non-binary or trans artists. In alphabetic order. Ok enough words, we'll let the noise do the talking. *** If you don't have the time to check them all, we've got a playlist on the way for you!*** Enjoy! -------- A Void - Dissociation Arre! Arre! - We Ride The Universe Big Joanie - Back Home Blood Command - Praise Armageddonism Bloods - Together, Baby! Body Farm - Living Hell Bombardement - L


When did you first pick up a camera and what motivated you to start photography? I picked up a camera at around 4 years old. My mom did some photography when i was young, so I grew up with a camera in my hands. Did you study or are you self taught? I studied in cinema/video/communications at Dawson College, then I went to Concordia University in the same field. I never actually studied photography but I had a lot of photo classes. Do you remember the first show you ever shot and how it went? My uncle played in bands since I was really young. The first show I shot was my uncle's first show with his new band. I was around 13 years old. The stress was real! I think I had one of those point and shoot cameras. I also remember my first show for a media; it was Septicflesh at Café Campus. How did you know you wanted to do concert photography and what do you love the most about it? The first concert I ever saw was of Cher . I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and I vividly remember watching the

Interview w/ Jennifer "JJ" Leigh ( THE DEVOTCHKAS)

In 1996, three girls from New-York got together to form The Devotchkas . A band that would go on to become one of the most talked about all-girl oï punk of the scene at the time. A time that was long before smartphones and social media, when bands only had web pages on Geocities and Angelfire, which is where we first heard about them. Because in 2001, after Jennifer Leigh, (better known has JJ ) took vocal duties, the band released an iconic album, that was not only our introduction to them, but to how much ass a women can kick when they play badass music. The next year they went on hiatus, and we never heard about them. The whole industry evolved, but for us they remained legendary in their own way.  Fast foward 20 years later, the same line-up that released that iconic album, decided it was time to get back in action. This weekend, the gang is set to play at the C.Y. Fest in Los Angeles, not once, but twice, and even though we can't attend, we couldn't be more exited at the i