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Witches of the Week #11: Quinn The Brain

1- Where is the band from and what's the best thing to do there?

We're from Houston, Texas. There's not a whole lot to do here outside of drinking, but we do have some cool stuff to see. Before this religious nut burned down the building, we had one of the coolest shops here called The Wilde Collection. It was filled with oddities, curiosities, art, taxidermy, furniture, gifts, etc. It was all very spooky and dark. I loved it! It's now temporarily closed because of the fire, but I hope they come back because that place is magical.

2- What does your name stand for and what was the runner up?

The band name actually comes from an episode of Daria. I was watching the show one night, and I thought the name sounded cool. The episode itself is great. Daria's world comes crashing down after her younger "cooler" sister has a smart moment causing her to question her identity which was up until that moment the "smart" girl. Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn did an amazing job with that show. It's very real. I keep hoping they'll do a live action. I think our music would go so well with the show—now that's the dream! We had a few runner-up names, but they’re not worth mentioning.

3- Describe your sound using a movie title.

Oh that's a tough one! But if we had to choose, we'd go with Tank Girl. I think the title actually kind of says it all.

4- Describe each band member using a meal.

Billy would be a cheese pizza because of all his dad jokes and because he’s always trying to bribe me with pizza when he knows I can’t eat the stuff. Steve would be sweet and sour chicken because you never know how he's feeling. Some days he’s super nice and some days he’s coming at you with jokes that burn. I would be pot roast because I’m always cooking up some kind of a plan, and I tend to take too long on everything. Billy’s version of this was much more colorful by the way, but I decided to spare y’all!

5- Name 3 bands who would headline your dream fest?

There’s so many bands that come to mind! Recently I’ve been on a Queenadreena kick so I would love to see them live, Babes in Toyland is always a must, and I’ve been dying to see Veruca Salt so that makes three! I had a few chances to catch Veruca Salt when they put out Ghost Notes (which is great by the way) but they never toured down South. I assumed they would since they kept adding shows, but next time I’m just going to have to go to them. I’m still hoping to catch them post pandemic. Who knows, maybe we’ll get crazy lucky and get to open up for them one day? A girl can dream!

6- For or not being described as "female fronted"?

It depends really. I tend to listen to more bands with a female lead so using hashtags like “female fronted” helps me find new music and I like that aspect. Or if I see a show that’s advertising a female-fronted line up, it does peak my interest. But I don’t like being grouped with other female-fronted bands just because we’re all female and nothing else. I think that’s when it becomes frustrating—when it’s treated like a genre or a gimmick.

7- Are you signed on a label and why?

No we’re not signed on a label, and we’re not exactly rushing to be on one either. Our creative freedom means everything to us so we want to continue developing our sound and who we are. I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s so much stuff we want to do! But more than anything, we just want to record and release more music on our terms.

8- What's the most punk thing you've seen on tour/in a show?

It would probably be the time we played with this communist punk band called Lenin. That show was nuts. The singer was dressed like Rob Halford from Judas Priest and had an operatic approach to his vocals. Their songs were about politics and in between each one, the singer would jump into the audience and whisper political statistics into your ear. As the show went on, the singer stripped on stage until he was in his undies and then grabbed his guitarist and made out with him hardcore as they were playing. He then revealed a wooden sword and beat the bassist with it pretty well. For the finale, he pulled out a fluorescent light and smashed it across the floor. It was probably the greatest local show I’d seen and only a few people witnessed it.

9- The best punk album of all time and why?

Ok, if I’m going to choose the best punk album of all time, I’m going to have to pick something from the late ‘70s original punk era because you can’t get anymore punk than that! And that’s easy because I really love The Adverts’ Crossing the Red Sea. There’s so many amazing songs on that album. No Time To Be 21 has been a favorite for a long time. I also love Great British Mistake, New Church, Safety in Numbers and of course Gary Gilmore’s Eyes. I’m starting to realize that I love bands that have strong singers who aren’t afraid to show some personality in their voice.

10- What's the best way to support your band?

The best way to support us is to listen to our music and buy our merch. Our music is streaming everywhere so it’s easy to find, and we’re actually in the process of building a web store now so you’ll be able to buy our merch online soon. Until then, you can always hit is up through social media for any CDs, shirts, buttons, stickers, etc.   


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